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​​Community Event Update

Please see in the middle of page to the left under Community events.  ​  

Upcoming Events


Meetings for 2017

The regular scheduled meetings for 2017 are held on the 2nd Thursday of the month at the locations noted below.    

January 12 - High Plains Elementary (in the library) @ 7:30 pm
February 9 - High Plains Elementary (in the library) @ 7:30 pm 
March 16 - High Plains Elementary (in the library) @ 7:30 pm
April 13 - High Plains Elementary (in the library) @ 7:30 pm 

May 11 - High Plains Elementary (in the library) @ 7:30 pm 
June 8- Sundance Rec House, 5626 S Galena Street, Greenwood Village 80111

July 13 - Sundance Rec House, 5626 S Galena Street, Greenwood Village 80111

August 10 - Hope Methodist Church, 5101 S Dayton Street, Greenwood Village  
September 14- TBD 
October 12 - TBD  
November 9- TBD 
​December 14- TBD 

Address:  High Plains Elementary, 6100 South Fulton Street, Englewood 80111

Peakview Proposed Development 

There is an important Community meeting for the proposed building of single family residential homes.  The location for these homes is the 22 acre property (currently open space) northwest of the intersection of E Caley Avenue and S Kenton Street (most know this area as running behind Peakview Park and going further east). 

​     The land is currently zoned for commerical use and there are plans underway to change that to residential.  The current plan is to build 200 free standing row houses with terraces.  This will have an impact on the Cherry Creek school district, the park and standard traffic.

The original meeting to discuss the development was held on June 30th from 6:00-7:00 pm at 13133 E Arapahoe Road 80112 in the Civic Center (Aspen Room).

For more information about the meeting or the proposal you can contact Derek Holcomb at

Community Events 

Cherry Creek Vista South Homeowner’s Association in past years has organized community events such as the annual pancake breakfast, movie night, dumpster days or garage sale day and yard of the month,. These events are paid for from a portion of the annual HOA dues that are collected.  These events are meant to in a small way enhance the sense of community of our neighborhood.  And these events have been well received and attended.  

However, this year we have decided to temporarily shift the use of our community funds away from these events to fund another very important initiative we have been working on.  Our HOA Articles of Incorporation, By-laws and covenants are severely outdated and need to be rewritten.  The attorney fees required to update these docume
nts have consumed most of annual dues collected and the incremental funds many neighbors have donated for this specific purpose.  In addition to the financial requirement to this endeavor, a significant amount of time have been needed and still needs to be completed.   as requested in the annual dues letter.  Therefore, we will cancel these community events this year to focus all funds and time on the updating of these documents.  

In early 2017 we will bring these new documents to the community for a vote.  We look forward to our next steps to adopt updated Articles, By-laws and covenants with your help and reinstating our community events with perhaps some additions.  

The Cherry Creek Vista South HOA Board