Forwarding Crime & Safety Posts to Arapahoe County Sheriff 

We want to announce that you may now choose to forward important Crime & Safety messages with the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office via Nextdoor. We want to be very clear that this is NOT a tool to report emergencies or file an official crime report. It's very important that you call 9-1-1 in the case of an emergency. You can also call our non-emergency line at 303-795-4711.


Gas and Electric Services, Excel Energy

Residential Customer Service:  1-800-895-4999

Electric Emergency/Outage:     1-800-895-1999

Gas Emergency/Gas Odor:       1-800-895-2999

Telephone/Internet Service

Century Link:                           1-800-491-0118

Comcast:                                      303-930-2000

Trash Services

Waste Connections Denver:        303-761-8387

Water and Sanitation

Denver Water:                             303-628-6000

Havana Water & Sanitation        303-779-4525 


Cherry Creek Vista South HOA & Other

Valuable Contact Information 

2016 Board Members

Ryan Sarni (2017)

President - General Oversight of Board

Valerie Watts (2016)

Vice President - Community Relations

Debbie Jacobs (2018)

Secretary - Social Events and Media

Kimarie Mikleton (2016)

Treasurer - Membership & Financials


Members at Large

Michael Gonzer (2017)

Chuck Howell (2017)

Lisa Mauvias (2016)

Gerardo Topelson (2017)

Open for Member 



Cherry Creek Vista Parks and Recreation
Your source for information about the community Parks, Tennis Courts, and Pool.

MPM Recreation
Your management company for the Pool and Tennis Courts.

Cherry Creek State Park
A fantastic nearby amenity filled with activity.

The Arapahoe County Council for Organized Responsible Development is a group of Homeowner Associations throughout Arapahoe County that convene to address development issues in our area. A.C.C.O.R.D. meetings are held the 1st Monday of the month at 7pm at the Arapahoe Library District Administration Building.




Fire Department:  South Metro Fire and Rescue (NON Emergency):       720-488-7500
Sheriff (NON Emergency):                                                                     303-795-4711
Crime & Safety Posts
Arapahoe County Clerk                                                                        303-795-4200
Animal Control                                                                                     720-874-6750
Arapahoe County Library                                                                      303-798-2444
Noise Line (Centennial Airport)                                                             303-790-4709
Parks and Recreation District                                                                303-269-8400  
Road Concerns & Hazards                                                    
(pot holes, concrete/road issues, ice problems and so forth)

Winter Tips 

Public Works and Development provide a variety of services from building permits, zoning, roadway maintenance, traffic operations, animal control and more .....

Building:                                                                                              720-874-6600 
Engineering:                                                                                         720-874-6500 
Planning and Zoning:                                                                            720-874-6650 
Road & Bridge:                                                                                      720-874-7623 
Transportation:                                                                                    720-874-6500 
Animal Control:                                                                                    720-874-6750

Mailing Address

Please use the below address for both payment of dues and any comments or concerns. 

8547 E Arapahoe Road, #J503

Greenwood Village, CO 80112


Email Address

Please provide us with your email address to allow us to update you with new information and events that are happening in the neighborhood.  To do this please go to the "Home" page and on the left console you will see a bright blue button that will allow you to do this.  

Please use the following email address to contact a board member with your questions, painting and roofing/property change requests.  

Our Email:

Covenant Control

Any Covenant Control issues, please contact Centennial Property Services.

Cherry Creek Vista South Homeowners Association

c/o Centennial Property Services, Inc.

P.O. Box 4118

Centennial, CO 80155

Phone:  303-400-8494

Fax: 303-400-8482