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Arapahoe County Services 

​Fire Department (Non emergency)               720-989-2000

County Sheriff (Non emergency)                   303-795-4711

Crime and Safety Posts

Airport Noise Line (Centennial)                     303-790-4709

Animal Control                                                303-874-6750

Arapahoe County Clerk                                  303-795-4200

Library (Castlewood & Koelbel)                     303-542-7279

Motor Vehicle (Centennial)                            303-795-4500

Parks and Recreation District                        303-269-8400       Road Concerns & Hazards                            720-874-6820         Winter Tips      

Public Works and Development provide a variety of services from building permits, zoning, roadway maintenance, traffic operations, animal control and more .......... 


Animal Control                                               720-874-6750

​Building                                                           720-874-6600

Engineering                                                     720-874-6500

Planning and Zoning                                      720- 874-6650

Road and Bridge                                             720-874-7623 

​Transportation                                                720-874-6500


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8547 East Arapahoe Road #J503 Greenwood Village CO 80112 US

Home Services 

Gas and Electric:  Xcel Energy 

Residential Customer Service:              1-800-895-4999

Electric Emergency/Outage:                  1-800-895-1999

Gas Emergency/Gas Odor:                    1-800-895-2999

Telephone/Internet Service 

Century Link:                                           1-877-837-5738

Comcast:                                                  1-800-934-6489

At&T                                                          1-800-288-2020

Trash Services

​Waste Connections                                   303-288-2100   

​Waste Management                               1-800-963-4776

Havana Water & Sanitation                       303-708-6139

2017 CCVS Volunteer Board Members 

Ryan Sarni        (term complete EOY 2017)

President - General Oversight of Board 

Valerie Watts     (term complete EOY 2018)

Vice President - Community Relations 

Debbie Jacobs    (term complete EOY 2018)

Secretary - Social Events and Media 

Kimarie Mikleton   (term complete EOY 2018)

Treasurer - Membership & Financials 

Members At Large - assist with various HOA  duties 

Michael Gonzer        (term  complete EOY 2017)

Chuck Howell            (term complete EOY 2017)

Lisa Mauvais             (term complete EOY 2018)

Gerardo Topelson    (term complete EOY 2017)

OPEN for Member 

You can contact HOA board at :

the Art of community