the Art of Community

Home Services 

Gas and Electric:  Xcel Energy 

Residential Customer Service:              1-800-895-4999

Electric Emergency/Outage:                  1-800-895-1999

Gas Emergency/Gas Odor:                    1-800-895-2999

Telephone/Internet Service 

Century Link:                                           1-877-837-5738

Comcast:                                                  1-800-934-6489

At&T                                                          1-800-288-2020

Trash Services

​Waste Connections                                   303-288-2100   

​Waste Management                               1-800-963-4776

Havana Water & Sanitation                       303-708-6139

2020 CCVS Volunteer Board Members 

Jill Accame      (term complete annual meeting 01/22)

President - General Oversight of Board 

Jill Asrael            (term complete annual meeting 1/22)

Vice President -  Community Relations 

Mari Anne Imhoff  (term complete annual meeting 01/21)


Randy Getz   (term complete annual meeting 01/22)

Treasurer - Membership & Financials 

Members At Large - assist with various HOA  duties 

Dany Douglas          (term complete annual meeting 01/22)

Brittany Gill               (term complete annual meeting 01/22)

Kim Schottleutner       (term  complete annual meeting 01/21) 

You can contact your HOA board at :

the Art of community

Arapahoe County Services 

​Fire Department (Non emergency)               720-989-2000

County Sheriff (Non emergency)                   303-795-4711

Crime and Safety Posts

Airport Noise Line (Centennial)                     303-790-4709

Animal Control                                                303-874-6750

Arapahoe County Clerk                                  303-795-4200

Library (Castlewood & Koelbel)                     303-542-7279

Motor Vehicle (Centennial)                            303-795-4500

Parks and Recreation District                        303-269-8400       Road Concerns & Hazards                            720-874-6820         Winter Tips      

Public Works and Development provide a variety of services from building permits, zoning, roadway maintenance, traffic operations, animal control and more .......... 


Animal Control                                               720-874-6750

​Building                                                           720-874-6600

Engineering                                                     720-874-6500

Planning and Zoning                                      720- 874-6650

Road and Bridge                                             720-874-7623 

​Transportation                                                720-874-6500


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