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Cherry Creek Vista South Homeowners Association

Cherry Creek Vista South HOA is a covenant controlled community.  The Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers from the neighborhood. The fees for the HOA for 2017 are $35 for each property (home), the sum of which is used to pay for neighborhood wide communication, capital improvements, social events and covenant control. This fee is not voluntary.  

2017 Dues Letter

Your financial support is truly needed in order for the HOA to operate and provide these services to you.   

Proposed New Covenants are being mailed out with a due date to vote by September 15, 2017.  The document and letter can be found on the Covenant tab under "Official Documents" or below.  

Proposed New Covenants

Letter with Document 

Cherry Creek Vista South HOA  is not a governmental organization, therefore it does not have the power to tax. Cherry Creek Vista South HOA is often confused with the Cherry Creek Vista Parks and Recreation District, which is a special purpose government. CCVPRD collects a property taxto maintain parks and common improvements serving over 1500 homes, both north and south of Orchard. In past years the Park District has received affirmative votes from property owners to issue bonds to pay for the perimeter brick wall and to renovate the pool.

Cherry Creek Vista South HOA is situated in unincorporated Arapahoe County. As such, the general purpose government serving our area is Arapahoe County. Law enforcement is provided by the Arapahoe County Sheriff. Streets are maintained by the county as well. Water is provided by contract to our area by the Denver Water Board, and sanitary sewer is provided by Havana Water & Sanitation. Street lighting is paid for proportionally by each resident to Xcel Energy. You can see additional Community contact information on the Contact Us tab on the left side of your screen. 

For additional information on HOA Articles of Incorporation or Covenants pertaining to your filing, please visit the section on Covenant Information.

The Board make decisions on behalf of the Home Owners Association. We encourage anyone to attend our meetings. We also encourage anyone to volunteer to help run events during the year. We have a total of 9 board positions - each serving two-year terms. We elect new board members during the fist meeting of the calendar year to fill positions for those members whose terms are expiring. Officers are elected for a one year period each year at the same meeting.


Please go to "Covenants Tab" to view new home improvement form if you plan on exterior painting, roofing or other architectural changes.

Thank you, The Cherry Creek Vista South HOA Board

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Pay Dues here via Paypal or by mail.  Please make sure to send us your email for neighborhood updates.

Hail Storm Interim Roof & Paint Guidelines


Please refer to the document below for a list of "approved" roofing materials.  

List of Approved Roofing Materials

If the roofing material is on the approved list contained in the above document, you do not need to obtain approval from the HOA.  If the roofing material is not on the approved list in the above document, please email the manufacturer's name, type of roof and color to HOA@CENTPS.com for review.

Exterior Paint

HOA approval is REQUIRED for exterior paint.  Paint must be "earth tone" in color.  Earth tones are muted shades of warm browns, warm tans, warm grays and warm greens.  Neon, bright or pastel colors have not been approved for this community.  Please see links below for examples and submit your color sample to 

HOA@CENTPS.COM for approval 2 weeks prior to your scheduled start date.

Earth tones example 2

Earth tones example 3

Arapahoe Road I25 Interchange Project this Spring ... read more at 

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Greenwood Village Orchard Station

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